Monday, April 6, 2020

how to download youtube video

How to download youtube videos.

* is the best website to download YouTube videos, with the help of which you can easily download YouTube videos of different quality. For this, just open the website and you still have to download the video, copy its URL and download it by going to the download bar given in the site.

*  Firefox
If you are using the Firefox browser on your PC, for this, go to the menu option of Firefox and click in the menu bar> Add-ons option, now install one of the downloadHelper and NetVideoHunter plug-ins in the search bar in the site . Now open any video you want to download and go to the download option in the side and download the video.

*   Chrome
To download YouTube videos using the Chrome browser, first go to the menu bar> Chrome Web Store and search YouTube Downloader. After downloading the YouTube downloader plugin, you can open YouTube videos and click on the icon on the side to download the format of the video.

*   fetchvideo
With, you can only download YouTube videos. This is a site in which the option to download YouTube videos directly is given.

*   Clipnabber
You can install ClipNader for free in your PC, downloading videos and converting it to MP3 format.

Friday, April 3, 2020

How to_Remote Mouse_Air Remote_ Remote Mouse For Desktop_

How to make your mobile mouse

Friends, if your mouse suddenly goes bad, then you face a problem in working.
In this case, you can make your mobile a mouse only.
 Yes, you can control your computer and laptop by making your mobile a mouse.

Let's know how ??
For this, you will have to install the remote mouse app on your mobile.  After you go to, and install the remote mouse survey on your desktop, Mac or laptop. After this, you scan your computer with the help of your Mobile and conect.Remember, both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
Now you can use your mobile mouse.
You can use it like a touchpad and keyboard ... you can use it completely like a remote control. With this you can play and control the video. And you can take it anywhere ... Your mobile will be useful both at the office or at home.
You can download this app from and enjoy.

I hope to be able to give you complete information .. Thank you